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The SAABs with the 55 pin Motronic system are eligible for the MSPNP PRO On Demand program. Thats a Megasquirt III that plugs right in to the factory ECU/EFI control contact.

Important,please read this: ... ?isModel=2

The specs of the MSPNP Pro is here:

I have asked diyautotune if it is possible to make a MSPNP for Saab 900 NG (1994-1998) with the 2.0 L B204I normally aspirated 16-valve four cylinder, 130 PS (96 kW; 128hp) engine.
I also supplied them with the technical details of the engine:
engine: B204I
engine volume: 1985 cc
convertible: no
power: 96 kW
Gearbox: automatic gearbox
Crank position sensor wheel pattern: 60-2
crank position sensor offset,related to tdc of cyl 1: 117 degrees
Iac:yes,100hz frequency,two wires,one to voltage supply.
Maf sensor:yes
Calibration values
Flow/grams sek volts
0 0.2
4 1.0
33 2.6
133 4.6
Cam position sensor: yes,in the distributor
Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve:yes
Secondary air injection (AIR) pump with control relay and valve solenoid:
Injectors: Bosch 0 280 150 432 ,249 cc/min@3bar,14.5 ohm,13.5 milisec
pulsewith at idle.
Signal from ABS unit:yes (possible speed info,vvs?)
Check engine light: yes
Knock sensor: yes
Octane adjuster: yes
O2 sensor: yes
TPS: yes
Ordinary coil.
flex fuel input: optional with sensor #12570260 (GM part number)

This can possible cause problems since I dont know what type of signals,or
how they are related to the automatic gearbox,there is also some
differences between this schematic
And the general ecu schematic in the haynes book.
They are:
Transmission control module:
47: TCM (signal to traction control according to the haynes book)
52: TCM (signal from tractioncontrol according to haynes)
51: TCM (signal from tractioncontrol according to haynes)
6: TCM (signal to tacho according to haynes,non turbo versions dont have
There is also a connection to the alarm system,it is not on the www
schematic,- but is in place on the schematic in the haynes book.

some models ecu is connected to:
AC evaporator temperature switch
AC refrigerant pressure switch

They can make this happen with 10 pre-orders and someone willing to loan us a test car for a couple months. Currently, the ones with a Trionic engine management would not be eligible, as they have not been able to find a good source for the connectors.

They'll need at least 10 pre-orders with a $300 deposit and at least one test car. It's a good idea to have a back-up test car available too.
Once They have the test car and the pre-orders, They'll get right to work on creating an MSPNP Pro!

Here are the steps to getting to make an MSPNP for your car. The car community will need to designate somebody (referred to here as "the representative") to get in touch with and coordinate things with the car community.

Have the representative contact with what make, model, engine, and year range you want to see an MSPNP for. will conduct a feasibility study about whether an MSPNP Gen 2 can adequately run the car, and what year range the MSPNP can fit. If the MSPNP is for something They don't have a connector for, They will also look into whether They can find a good source for connectors. At this stage, They may request some items or information from the representative, including wiring diagrams, or possibly a factory ECU. It is possible, but unlikely, that They may need the test car at this stage to complete the feasibility study. They may determine that covering the whole year range will require several MSPNPs, each of which gets its own MSPNP On Demand program that requires its own test car and deposit. Each separate MSPNP On Demand will be independent, requiring its own test car and pre-orders. will let the representative know if an MSPNP can be made for these cars. If it can be made, They will also provide a list of what feature set will be available on this car. They will also calculate the price at this stage. Base price for a Gen 2 MSPNP is $799. If the MSPNP requires unusual parts such as an alternate trigger disc or unusual and expensive circuits, this may increase the price above the base. Also, They will let the representative know when They can start the development process. Note that the development can't really get up to speed until They have the test car at our shop.

The representative can share these details with the community and sign buyers up. Once there are people committed to buying 10 ECUs, let know. They'll collect a $300 deposit per MSPNPs once They have a commitment to buy 10 MSPNPs and are ready to start working, with the deposit to be used towards the future purchase of an MSPNP. They will also need to have the test car brought to our shop at this point, as it will be crucial for development. They have a 20 MSPNP cap on pre-orders.

Deposits are collected through the Theybsite - the deposit appears as an item that can be added to your shopping cart. When you place the order, please include the following details in the Comments field on the shopping cart:

A link to the MSPNP On Demand group buy thread you are participating in
Your forum screen name
The year / make / model / engine of the car you are buying an MSPNP for develops the MSPNP. They will do our best to keep this under 2 months. If this goes over 2 months for reasons other than a faulty test car (or the test car not showing up at all), people who have asked for the deposit may request and receive a refund. (The deposit is otherwise non-refundable.) Since test car issues can postpone MSPNP release, They strongly recommend having a back-up test car arranged.

The new MSPNP is officially released and available for order on the Theybsite. People who pre-ordered the MSPNP will get a $100 discount if they order within the first 30 days of the MSPNP's official release, as having the $300 deposit applied to the purchase of the MSPNP. This discount and credit is distributed in the form of coupon codes.

Info from :

I don't have the time acting as a forum representative due to private reasons, but perhaps there is someone else willing to do that?

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