Tysk vete-etanol ger 80% mindre CO2 utsläpp
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VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG: German bioethanol saves up to 80% CO2 emissions

Berlin, 25 November 2008 German bioethanol manufactured from grain emits up to 80% less CO2 than fossil fuels. These are the findings of a study carried out by the Heidelberg IFEU Institute (Institute for Energy and Environmental Research) and commissioned by the biofuel manufacturer VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG. 'We are very gratified by the positive results which have emerged from this investigation of our production plants. With the impetus provided by the enormous potential of our production techniques, VERBIO will be commissioning the world's two largest biogas plants next year,' says Claus Sauter, VERBIO's CEO. 'The best part about it is that the raw material for the biogas production is a waste product of the ethanol production.'

Despite the technological progress being made and the CO2-efficiency of biofuels, the manufacturers are facing a wave of bankruptcies due to planned legislation. According to a proposal tabled by the Federal Cabinet, the present level of 7.6% for biofuels in the total fuel market is to be drastically reduced in the coming year. The anticipated proportion of the market covered by biodiesel and bioethanol would then amount to only 5.6%. With this step, the government would cause the entire biofuel market to shrink by over 25%, which would mean that German production facilities would be working at just over half their total capacities. 'We appeal to the Federal Government not to pass this legislation. It would mean that the medium sized enterprises which have established themselves since 2004 would disappear from the market, and only a few major companies would survive,' says Johannes Lackmann, Managing Director of the German Biofuels Industry Association (VDB). 'The Federal Government is acting quite irrationally, for without biofuels accounting for an increasing proportion of the total market, its own targets in combating climate change get further and further out of reach.'

Författare:  aryan [ tis 08-11-25 16:50 ]

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