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InläggPostat: ons 08-04-30 19:52 

Blev medlem: mån 07-01-01 20:57
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So I guess that your engine always have been starting this winter?
If not, the enrichment factor (only the start enrichment + "nachstart" for the first 20 seconds or so) at cold conditions should be increased.
Restarting after 10 seks is a completely differernt story, as Aryan writes.
It works almost always if not hte first time.
If no 230V outlet nearby, you could also mount a Webasto heater...
We have one in our from Germany imported E220 -94, and it works like a charm, on E85 ofcourse.
But since I have mounted a Flexitune with a coldstart function (even if it a bit lean), there have been no problem at all even for my wife(!) to cold start it this winter.
Most of the times over -5 C though..and E75..

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InläggPostat: ons 08-04-30 22:29 

Blev medlem: mån 07-01-15 13:10
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Ort: Germany, Münster,
you're right, my engine starts this winter without problems.

reason 1 is the modification added to the ECU. This mod allows me to get influence on the 'feeled' engine temp for the ECU, regulated by a potentiometer. The max. different value is about 20° lower than the real one. The goal is to enrich the start fuel, and it works fine.

Reason 2 is the change of the Eprom. the Eprom of the non turbo uses different injection values, so then the injection will be about 30% higher than before. This makes the car possible to run on E85, because by this way the lower energy of ethanol is compensated. The rest is regulated by Lambda.

best wishes from here :)
Volvo V70 II on 30% E85 (just for starts) and LPG

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