Waste Beer Ethanol to Fuel Democratic Convention Motorpool
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Författare:  aryan [ fre 08-05-23 08:37 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Waste Beer Ethanol to Fuel Democratic Convention Motorpool ... 22-093.asp

The flex-fuel vehicles at this summer's Democratic National Convention will be running on waste beer, thanks to the Molson Coors Brewing Company.
Molson Coors, along with its U.S. subsidiary, Coors Brewing Company, will be the Official E85 Ethanol Producer for the convention, which is set for August 25 through 28 in Denver.

Molson Coors is donating all the clean-burning ethanol fuel for the fleet of 400 General Motors flex-fuel vehicles to be used for the convention's transportation needs. The fleet will be for the use of U.S. House and Senate Leadership, DNC officials and state party chairs, delegates, staff, and members of the media.

Författare:  karlmb [ fre 08-05-23 10:01 ]

LÅter som en utmärkt dörröppnare för misstrogna fossilister bland demokraterna.
Rebublikanerna måste ju kontra med något bättre, inte komma med nån gammal syntetisk bensin från kol eller nåt..


Sounds like a great door-opener for sceptic democrats.
The rebublicans will have to break that with something better, not come with some old syntethic gas from coal or similar...

Författare:  Volvo-Berti [ lör 08-05-24 10:31 ]

nice to support ethanol, but what a disaster wasting beer to power a car :roll:

please answer in english or translate your posting, this is the international area....thank u. :)

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