Hello and legalising question
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Författare:  woj [ mån 18-05-14 18:41 ]
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Have not seen a valkomen or införa topic (did I miss it), so I thought I'd start here. I will move on later into the Swedish sections (I am using this opportunity also to better my Swedish, not only to go E85 ;)), but for now my most pressing question.

I am at the final stage of self-converting my 2008 Fiat Grande Punto (I know, not a very common vehicle in Sweden) into FlexFuel/E85 (by a GM sensor, obviously, and modded ECU software (Bosch ME7.9.10 if anyone cares enough)), about to do final tests of my contraptions, but so far all looks good. The question is - what are (if there are) legal steps to get this acknowledged by the Swedish state / authorities and insurance? I would guess this information is somewhere here, just a bit difficult to find with my level of Swedish. Any help here is greatly appreciated.


Författare:  aryan [ mån 18-12-10 20:41 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: Hello and legalising question

Welcome Woj,

I see your question has not been answered. In case you haven’t found out elsewhere, the options of registering your ”homebrew” ethanolconversion are marginal unless you would be willing to pay for very expensive emmision tests.
However there is little need to do so, you can just be happy that your care has become a lot less polluting and drive it on E85. The swedish MOT (bilprovningen) won’t mind as long as there are no ODBII error codes or too high CO HC levels in the exhaust and the car is properly running around lambda 1 (in closed loop).

Best regards, Aryan

Please tell us more about your conversion solution with ethanol sensor!

Författare:  woj [ lör 19-05-11 12:35 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: Hello and legalising question

I was waiting for so long for the answer I forgot I asked the question. Yes, I sort of figured out the answer. But many thanks!

About my conversion, there two threads about this on nefmoto, but it’s highly technical: ... 17.0title= ... =10485.345

The second thread is intermixed with lots of other tuning deliberations, a bit of a mess.

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