Why Diesel now is bad news...
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Författare:  karlmb [ tor 15-04-02 13:33 ]
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Going into reverse
First, there have been problems with the particle traps - some drivers have removed them because they sometimes don't work properly unless the car is driven hot.
Second, the diesels are still producing nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which irritates the lungs of people with breathing problems. Diesels make several times more NO2 than petrol cars.
Now, in order to meet European air pollution laws, politicians are being forced into an embarrassing U-turn, telling drivers that they've decided they don't much like diesels after all.
MPs in the UK have mooted a scrappage scheme for diesel cars, while the mayor of Paris has called for a ban.

Författare:  karlmb [ tor 17-10-26 13:33 ]
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Tja, Bra Jan-Erik Berggren, men det här vi på skivit i 5-6 år redan....
Klockan klämtar för Rudolf diesel.
Om man inte kör på etanol förstås...då försvinner/minskar kraftigt alla nackdelarna med dieselprocessen. (Utom möjligen den råa gången då).

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