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New 13 litre bioethanol engine from Scania

• Scania is introducing a 13-litre inline six engine for ED95 with 410 horsepower and performance for long-distance applications
• Delivers 2,150 Nm, equal to its diesel sibling, and characterised by good driveability, high efficiency and CO2-reductions of up to 90%
• Fuel consumption is also on a par with a conventional diesel engine • Runs on the diesel principle with compression ignition
• Ethanol is the most available renewable fuel in the world today and can easily be produced locally in many countries

With the new engine, Scania is introducing yet another alternative fuel engine option for the new truck generation and Euro 6. ED95 can mean CO2-reductions of up to 90% while delivering all the drivability and power Scania customers expect from their powertrains.

“Our aim is to always offer alternative options for all our customers”, says Henrik Eng, Product Director, Urban, Scania Trucks. “With this engine, we add yet another ace to our hand of sustainable solutions. Our renewable range for the new generation already broader than the industry leading one we used to have for the former truck generation.”

Scania’s much praised 13-litre inline six engine serves as the foundation for the new powerful ED95 engine. Scania’s bioethanol engines uses compression ignition (like conventional diesels), which curbs the need for actual hardware modifications. With its characteristics, it is well-suited for a number of applications in segments such as Long-distance, Construction and Urban.

“The bioethanol-engine is ideal for a number of different applications and will do an excellent job in both construction tippers and long-distance tractors”, says Eng. “On markets where ED95 is available, this will be a very interesting alternative regardless if you have environmental challenges or are interested in lowering your running cost – or both.”

The more significant changes made to the engine (DC13 157) are related to the fuel injection system and modified cylinders for increased compression. The after-treat- ment system is based on the same SCR-only philosophy that Scania uses for almost all Euro 6 engines.

“By employing Scania’s XPI injection, our engineers have made great achievements not only from a performance perspective but also when it comes to our maintenance intervals”, says Eng.

The new ED95 engine will need oil change intervals (under normal conditions) every 45,000 km and the injectors needs maintenance per 90,000 km, figures that are fully acceptable for the engine type and in regard of its contributions.

Bioethanol is easy to handle, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to produce and handle and it doesn’t degrade. But most important is of course that it will provide significant CO2 reductions at a reasonable cost. Bioethanol in a variety of forms is without doubt the most available renewable fuel, from both a quantitative as well as a geographic perspective.

“With the addition of a bioethanol engine for our new truck generation, we strengthen our promise to offer the industry’s widest range of renewable fuel options”, says Eng. “Regardless of market, industry or application, Scania will always be able to offer at least one more sustainable solution that still makes sense for our customers from a total operating economy-perspective”.

ED95 facts
Scania’s bioethanol engines run on ED95, an ethanol grade including 5% ignition improver and lubricants. This additive enables the engine to function according to the diesel principle, with compression ignition. Bioethanol fuels can reduce CO2 by up to 90% while also having positive impact NOx particulate emissions.

ED95 fuel can be stored and pumped like diesel and has good low-temperature qualities. While some regions have public fuelling stations, it is not uncommon for hauliers to set up their own.

For further information, please contact:
Örjan Åslund, Head of Product Affairs, Scania Trucks Phone: +46 70 289 83 78; email:

Positivt att Scania fortsätter att satsa på ett bra bränsle E95 (trots att de ägs av VW?) och den nya etanolmotorn inte har kortare serviceintervall än dieselversionen. Förut var de väll dubbelt så ofta pga spriderna skulle kunna slita mera med ED95 än med diesel.

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